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Search engine optimization

Seo stands for search engine optimization. Seo can be explained as the correct scanning of websites by search engines and making them compliant with the standards updated periodically. While criteria such as backlinks and keywords have been of great importance in the past years, after the recent updates made by search engines, the experience of users and seo are getting closer to each other in parallel. 

What is Seo Analysis?

Although your site is rich in content, it does not provide full performance if search engine optimization is not done. For this, it is necessary to consider your website as a whole in both content and seo in order to have good performance in search engines. The reports required to make your website suitable for search engines, to test and correct existing errors are called seo analysis.

What does a seo expert do? 

The person who performs the necessary seo analysis on your website and reports it is called a seo expert. Although the task of the seo expert is analysis and report, in some cases it can provide software support. 

To give a few examples of the task of the Seo Expert;

The image sizes in the targeted article may be too large and may not have alt tags. In this case, there may be both page slowdown and the problem that the image of the article does not appear on the Google images side. Seo expert detects these problems and informs the software and content team, alt tags should be entered, images should be reduced to the correct size and lazyload should be used, lazyload will load the images after the page is loaded and ensure that the page opens quickly. 

A second example is; If too many YouTube videos are added with iframes on an educational site, it slows down the opening of the page, of course removing the YouTube video will weaken your content. Here, alternative solutions can be provided instead of iframe using JavaScript. 

Seo problems and solutions can be exemplified in dozens of alternative topics. Apart from basic seo standards, each sector has different methods in seo. For an analysis specific to your sector, you can contact Nexus Medya and get a price quote.